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Marty (Actually Maggie handles herself and let's Marty THINK he does!)
Canine Good Citizen
Bright and Beautiful Therapy
Certified Therapy Teaching Dog
Human Search and Rescue
Avoiding the summer heat and enjoying the winter snow
Therapy visits at Western Reserve Masonic and Meadowview Care center
Slobbering on anyone within drool distance (currently, 53 feet)
Handlers comments
Maggie was a rescue dog that was about to be put down as she was termed "overly enthustiaic and uncontrollable".  In 4 short months after her arrival in her forever home she had attained her CGC and Therapy dog titles as well as her certification as a Therapy Teaching Dog.  14 months later she was certified as a Human Search and Rescue dog and currently is a member of North Central Ohio K-9 Search and Rescue.  She is true to her breed as a loving companion wanting nothing more than to please everyone she meets, human, K-9 or even feline.  Maggie is still a little concerned about moles, they just do not like to play!!!!.